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Lexington Soft – Leading providers of DevOps Enterprise Software Solutions

Lexington Soft is a provider of end-to-end enterprise software solutions for software development, testing and quality. It currently services more than 150+ client accounts ranging from multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 companies to Mid-Market firms with fewer than 50 employees. We partner with companies that develop powerful, affordable and user-friendly DevOps solutions that are easy to evaluate, procure and deploy.Software is getting increasingly complex, and the demands on software testing and quality remain a challenge for software organizations worldwide. As Agile continues to grow as a practice, the ability to test quality and performance throughout the development process becomes ever more essential. Software tools will need to constantly evolve in order to meet this demand. Our solutions span the SDLC and enable our clients to deliver high quality software to customers faster and more efficiently. Our focus is to help Software Developers, Testers and Operation Teams (DevOps) increase their productivity and develop higher quality and tested software.

We have solutions for

  • API Testing : APIs are critical to your business. Whether you are providing APIs or consuming them, you need to make sure it works. Thoroughly test your API’s functionality, compatibility, and accuracy with our award winning solutions
  • API Load Testing : A slow API can grind the user experience to a halt. Our solution enables you to run a quick API load test, either against a single web service endpoint or based off of an existing functional API test.
  • Test Automation : Releasing software in frequent and shorter release cycles necessitates a testing approach that helps create automated tests for multiple devices, platforms, and environments easily and quickly. Our automated functional testing solutions, enable you to generate repeatable and accurate automated tests across desktop, mobile, and web applications
  • Test Management : Manage, Plan, Organize, and Execute all test cases and defects associated with your release. Our solutions enable you to Plan, track, and proactively manage manual, automated, and API tests in one repository to mitigate risk
  • Code Review : Helps development, testing and management teams work together to produce high quality code. Improve quality by collaborating on code and documents
  • Development Testing : Our Static and Binary Analysis solutions enable our customers to identify critical defects and security vulnerabilities before QA or their customers do, and help software R&D organizations reduce their downstream support and maintenance costs
  • Performance Testing : Design and run performance, stress, and load tests for mobile, websites, and web apps with our award winning solutions
  • Unit Testing : Test which portions of your code have been “tested” or more importantly “not tested” with our leading code coverage solution for Host and Embedded applications
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery : Our solutions help organizations developing enterprise Web/IT, Mobile and Embedded Systems Applications, deliver better software faster by automating and accelerating build, deployment and release processes
  • Environments as a Service : Provide on demand access to complete virtualized Dev/Test environments. Our solutions enables rapid cloning (mirror images) of complete environments and network topologies with current data state

What we do

Lexington Soft was established by a group of qualified sales and engineering professionals who are highly skilled and proficient in dealing with the complexities associated with enterprise software sales. The founding team at Lexington Soft has worked for leading multinational companies such as Wind River Systems, Coverity and Larsen & Toubro. We have partnered with leading Technology Providers whose award winning solutions address the challenges faced by Software R&D organization to deliver quality software. Lexington Soft manages and executes all functions of Sales, Support and Training working collaboratively with our Technology Providers. Our team is focused on Assisting, Advising and Guiding end users deal with the complexities of evaluating, selecting, licensing and deploying the right software as to ensure their return on investment.

Our Mission

  • To be a trusted and value-added representative for our technology partners by promoting their solutions accurately and professionally
  • To align our teams with the best practices and processes adopted by our technology partners so as to ensure mutual success
  • To foster a work environment that promotes integrity, competency, independence, communication and creativity
  • Passionate about adding value to our customer base
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